Against covid 19 New invented trolly handover to the colombo east base Hospital

 Students of Department of Electrical and Electronic Technology of University of Vocational Technology have invented a remote control ward round trolly to support the current situation regarding Covid 19 treatments and it has been donated to East Colombo Base Hospital. This invention will help and contribute its service by without reaching the doctor to a patient, patient can be diagnose through this invention easily and can be communicate with the patient through this invention. And also it is a user friendly apparatus and through this can supply goods, medicine and food to the patient. This trolly can move through any type of floor and also it can be control around 30m area. This robot trolly can carry 40kg of heavy load. To invent this product successfully Department of Government Factory Kolonnawa gave their enormous help and sponsorship. And also the students of University of Vocational Technology who invented this robot machine further mentioned that they are improving the apparatus in further more in future.
Author-Dasun Indrajith


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